Mentor Program

In addition to offering Beginner Workshops, the Guild offers a Mentor Program that connects experienced members with those newer members who prefer personal coaching.

  1. What is the purpose of a Mentor? To provide one-on-one communication about Guild activities and to encourage new members to practice their design skills.
  2. How are Mentors chosen? By volunteering.
  3. Who can be a Mentor? Members who have created NGC designs and are happy to share their knowledge.
  4. What is the term of a Mentor? As long as Mentor and mentee wish the relationship to continue.
  5. How many mentees can a Mentor have? Each Mentor may decide for him/herself.
  6. If I am interested in becoming a Mentor, what do I need to do? (1) Familiarize new members with the Guild and NGC flower show procedures. (2) Assist others with their designs.

For information on the Mentor Program, please email the Membership Chair at