Aims and Purposes

  • Educate our members and the public in the art of floral design and other floral artistry.
  • Seek advancement of our art through workshops, lectures, books, and other media; and share what we have learned with others.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the floral arts by studying related arts such as ceramics, sculpture, painting, weaving, fabric design, metal work, and photography.
  • Reflect the highest standards of NGC in the staging, schedules, exhibits, show practices, judging, and ethics of Flower Shows.
  • Encourage public interest in our art through public outreach, classes, and Flower Shows.
  • Support the Shepard Garden and Arts Center (Center), its member clubs, and other local, state, and national groups with similar aims and interests.
  • Honor our history by curating our resources.
  • Celebrate member achievements in floral design and provide opportunities for creative expression and personal growth.

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